Jack de Belin remains stood down by NRL after hung jury in sexual assault trial

Jack de Belin remains unable to play in the NRL after the league confirmed the St George Illawarra player is still subject to its no-fault stand-down policy as he waits to hear whether he will face a third trial over rape allegations.

After a week of deliberations, a Sydney jury on Monday returned hung verdicts to most charges De Belin and his co-accused Callan Sinclair faced.

The Dragons forward, 30, and his friend, 24, each pleaded not guilty to multiple charges of aggravated sexual assault against a woman in a North Wollongong unit in December 2018.

The pair were acquitted of one charge, but the jury was unable to return unanimous or 11-to-1 verdicts on the other four charges against each accused, the jury foreperson testified on Monday.

“De Belin will remain subject to the no-fault stand down while serious criminal charges remain against him,” the NRL said on Tuesday.

A decision on whether the case will go to a third trial is expected to be made by the Director of Public Prosecutions on 28 May.

“The next steps concerning all facets of the matter are yet to be established,” the Dragons said in a statement.

“The Dragons will continue to provide the necessary welfare support to de Belin and his family. As this remains a legal matter, the club will make no further comment at this time.”

De Belin, the first player to be subjected to the NRL’s no-fault stand-down policy, has not played in the NRL since 2018 and missed a total of 48 games.