Preparing For The Outlands

You may have heard that a new expansion for WoW Classic comes out pretty soon, and naturally, you must also be wondering what you should do to prepare for it to have the best possible start for your char when it finally comes out? Most so-called old-school fans will tell you to simply play the game. If this answer doesn’t satisfy you, then there are a few more specific things you can do which will benefit you when the expansion will grace us with its presence.

So, one of the things you can already do during the pre-patch period is, create a new character and one of two new races. This’ll allow you to level up in the new zones, which will undoubtedly positively affect your experience. Also, the pre-patch is said to convert the honor system and make a pass on the class balance. And if you will indeed go with the new races, you should really stock up on the levelling gear. For now, the prices on low-level blue items are pretty low, but when the expansion hits the servers, you can expect a considerable increase in price due of a lot of players will be levelling with you. That said, it would also benefit you to stock up on materials. For instance, shamans should buy lots of leather and mail. It’ll make things easier for you and save you some money.

Bring Empty Bags

Clearing your bags could seem trivial, but you don’t want to stand in front of the Dark Portal with 4 inventory slots full. Keep only the essentials.

If you’re planning to try out the new profession added in the TBC, jewelcrafting, it would be a good idea to buy some gems in advance. You’ll need ore and gems to level this profession up. Also, any ore that you might already have in your banks or bags is worth keeping, so you can sell it later for a much higher price. Since, you know, the demand on this kind of items will be high.

Some people plan ahead for the expansion’s release, so they could have enough free time to enjoy it. Some go on vacations, take sick leaves or something similar. That means that these people like to not have the time to spend in the game preparing. Therefore, a good alternative for someone like that would be our WoW Classic boost services. With them, you’ll be prepared better than most players, and none of your personal time will actually be wasted. If that sounds like a win-win for you, then click that link to find out more!