Teacher Hit In The ‘Nerdy Science Teacher Feels’ Over Bag Of Rotting Apples

A high school science teacher in Ontario says that in all his years of teaching, a bag of rotting apples feels like his biggest accomplishment.

“I had a student bring me a “surprise” today. She brought me a bag of old, rotting, fermented apples. The bag is on the verge of exploding. She was genuinely excited to give them to me.

We learned about fermentation earlier this year and I told all my students how much I love fermentation and how it’s my favorite biological process.

When she handed them to me I had the biggest smile on my face and said with genuine excitement, “a bag of fermenting apples?!?!”

I was so exited! Not about a bag of rotting apples (I’m not that weird), but that a student who might not get the best grades, might not always do the right thing, might not always turn in homework on time or even at all, had thought of me and my nerdy love for fermentation enough to take this bag of fermenting apples from her friend that was trying to throw them away, and bring them to me, as a legitimate gift TO MAKE ME HAPPY.

She remembered something I said 3 months ago, and selflessly acted on it. The bag is in my window sill right now. I don’t know what I’m doing with it, but I’m not throwing it away yet. What a weird thing to hit me straight in the feels this morning.”